On 4 July 2019, with an Opening organized by Contemporary Locus, the work of art by Andrea Mastrovito "Polvere di Stelle", created in the inner courtyard of the Hotel Cappello D'oro, was inaugurated.

Our hotel has an ancient history: it was born as an inn in 1800, when the nearby "Porta Nuova" was the customs to enter Bergamo: travelers often stopped to sleep and eat in the inn during their stays in the city.
It is said that carts driven by men with a large yellow hat stopped outside the building, to transport customers from one part of the city to the other, just like modern taxis!
Over time, yellow became "gold" and the inn was transformed into the Hotel Cappello d’Oro which, in 1979, was purchased by the Zambonelli family.

"Polvere di stelle" is a site-specific installation that interprets the internal courtyard of Cappello D'oro and opens it to the city, making it a place that can be visited by everyone, inhabitants and tourists passing through.

Andrea Mastrovito (Bergamo 1978, lives and works in New York) is the artist who, invited by Contemporary Locus, was called to interpret the court with an installation that branches out and goes up its internal walls: Polvere di stelle.
In an almost surreal atmosphere, like an amarcord between several generations, the design of this work was the occasion on which images and stories went back to memory.
And if the stories of our life are mixed with those of the activities and, for a hotel with those of the community to which it belongs, in this work, released as if from a cylinder, Mastrovito enters its interpretation and restitution with total freedom to show us its new measurement of form, memory and transformation.